Viola Davis to Zendaya: Natural Hair at the Oscars

Viola_Davis_June_2015Looking back 2012 seems so long ago. That year The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Money Ball were the big topics. Oh yeah, and Viola Davis’ natural hair. That was the year that she dumped the wig to rock her natural hair. Nominated for her role in The Help, Davis’ decision to let her natural be free became a trending topic, including one Wendy Williams.

Known for her love of wigs, Wendy received a well-deserved share of backlash after stating that nobody wanted to see a “‘Room 222′ look on the red carpet.” A reference to 50s TV show. From there the bloggers and YouTubers unleashed on Wendy for her 1950s train of thought.

While Viola Davis is not the first star to wear her hair natural, she has become a flag bearer for the natural nation. In a 2013 red carpet interview, she stated that, “it is important at this point in my life to live an authentic life. I think that if you probably interviewed a lot of people who were towards the end their lives I think that that’s what they would say that they wish they had lived their lives more authentically and this is a part of it, wearing my hair.”

Viola has continued to put natural hair in the spotlight as she currently stars in the hit TV show How to Get Away With Murder, where her natural hair is again on display. A collective gasp could almost be heard when Davis’ character pulled off her wig, revealing her natural hair, after a long and emotional day.  It was the most dramatic episode of the season up to that point, and when all eyes were on the show, they also came to her natural twists.

But when Viola hit her big reveal this time, there was no Wendy Williams, no comments to keep her hair style back in the 50s. In fact, wonders if it wasn’t just the best moment on TV. The reaction was echoed through ought by anyone who paused long enough to take it in.

While 2012 feels like such a long time ago, the time that it will take for natural hair to be accepted by mainstream seems to be so far away.

ZendayaThe 2015 Oscars, which was already a hot topic for the lack of African-American nominees, once again became under a negative microscope when E! Network’s Giuliana Rancic stated “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed.” when describing Zendaya Coleman wearing dreads on the red carpet. Uh, oh.

I guess she was living under a rock when Wendy Williams’ backlash went down just three years ago. Or, more likely, it’s just the culture problem this country still has. But it’s not all lost. As more and more stars like Viola, Zendaya, and others continue to feel free to be natural at Hollywood’s biggest events, natural hair will be as a non-topic as a fade. …Hopefully speaking.


One thought on “Viola Davis to Zendaya: Natural Hair at the Oscars

  1. I think her (Julianna) apologize was a waste of words. People tend to say what they really want to say (knowing that they should say something because they feel most people are thinking it) and then form a public apology knowing that it was better left unsaid. Honestly, I believe she looks beautiful regardless what hair style she rocks and to be quite honest (once again), when I looked at the picture my eyes went straight to her makeup and how she’s resembling Lisa Bonet. Julianna meant every word she said and Zendaya handled it wonderfully. She gained some fans from that statement and she totally lost some. I am neither, lmao. Someone needs to talk about she looks, which isn’t all that btw… in comparison to her version of “Bohemian Chic”.

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