All I have to say is OMG

I purchased your sample package on 12/22/14; I was so surprised when I received the products on 12/23/14. Thanks for such great customer service. I used the products on 12/25/14; all I have to say is OMG. I wanted to try your products for quite some time but you had stop making videos I could not remember your YT name or your product line. I generally do not order products but I have always wanted to try yours and I am GLAD I finally did. I know it is only the first time using the products, but I can tell my hair loving them. I love the texture, the smell, the ingredients, and it leaves my hair felling soft/moisturized without the greasy or sticky fell. So I went back to your site and order full size of the line. I usually make the few items I use in my hair but you will now have me as a return customer as long as you keep the formula/ingredients. I also glad you DO NOT have glycerin in your products. ~D.B.-Brooklyn, NY

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