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Kriya Botanicals is a botanically based organic and natural hair and spa care product line. Our products are botanically based containing organic and natural herbs, flowers, roots and barks that provide nutrients to the hair and scalp promoting hydration, moisture and healthy hair growth. Our product line consist of quality shampoos bars, conditioners, moisturizers and styling products.

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I am absolutely in love with this oil. My twists are very juicy. My hair is super shiny and super defined.
— @finally.amber

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I ordered the low porosity line, clarifying soap bar (which worked tremendously well) maybe too well, leave in, deep conditioner, hair butter (my first time using a butter) prefer creams and the hair oil.
— D. Sanders 

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 I am so glad I found your Instagram. I am stunned with how moisturized, defined, soft, and voluminous my hair is. Usually products only give you one or two of those benefits. But to have ALL of them?! Wow. I was blown away by the clarifying shampoo bar, my scalp was so clean and my hair didn’t feel stripped.
— Aneyshua 

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High porosity hair care

What is Hair Porosity?

The most common concerns with natural hair that I hear about or receive emails on are usually, “How can I get my curls to pop?” “I’m not receiving enough moisture.” “How can I get my hair to grow?” These are the typical concerns for naturals and new naturals. Trust me, I get it. I understand that desire for long luscious hair. However, we must go deeper into understanding our hair. You must understand your hair’s porosity if you want to seriously achieve healthy growing hair.

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