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Kriya Botanicals Giveaway at INHMD
Kriya Botanicals is proud to be a giveaway sponsor at the 2015 International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) on May 3... Read More
Is Your Natural Hair Guinness World Record Worthy?
When you think of Guinness World Records, often times your mind jumps to people who stand 8 feet tall, run through 1... Read More
Viola Davis to Zendaya: Natural Hair at the Oscars
Looking back 2012 seems so long ago. That year The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Money Ball were the big topics.... Read More
Are these harsh chemicals in your products?
We do not use any of these chemicals listed below. We believe that they will affect the condition of your hair and b... Read More
Ingredients We Love and Use in Our Products
We use wonderful botanical ingredients that are safe for your hair, body and soul. Our products are based with organi... Read More
The cuticles of low porosity hair lie flat, are very tight or compacted. Because of this, the cuticle will most likel... Read More
The cuticles of high porosity are very porous. This is the level where hair is dry and can lead to breakage even dam... Read More
Caring for Your Normal Porosity Hair
As you read in our previous post, the cuticles of normal porosity hair are normally healthy. The position in which ... Read More
What is Hair Porosity?
The most common concerns with natural hair that I hear about or receive emails on are usually, “How can I get m... Read More
Congratulations to Sarai
Congratulations to Sarai, the first winner of this year! You have received our Hydra Moist Detangling Leave In Condit... Read More

I am so glad you’re back. I am in loveee with your Hydra moist Conditioner. But when you said it detangles now I was... Read More
I have 4c hair and could never find products that worked with my hair. I’m using 3 products from the line. The Moring... Read More
I’ve been using your hair growth oil Botanical Infusion but when it used to be called Hair Throttle for some years no... Read More
I have been looking for this company since I attended the Charleston hair expo! I love the shampoo bar! I have used i... Read More
Your leave in conditioner is heaven sent. Detangling was so much easier with the leave in. Our first time using a sh... Read More
I purchased your sample package on 12/22/14; I was so surprised when I received the products on 12/23/14. Thanks for ... Read More
@MzNaturalLife about the Karanja Gloss and Thermal Protectant, “My hair melts. I have never had an oil blend melt my ... Read More
Loving @kriyabotanicals products for my princess ~@enchantedeyes Read More
My daughter and I both have 4c hair. We purchased the sample box a couple months ago. Our hair is head over heels in ... Read More
My daughter has sandy-colored 4C hair that is extremely dry, very coily and difficult to detangle. We have the shampo... Read More