About Kriya Botanicals

Creators of the Original Porosity Hair Care Systems, we provide the right products for your hair’s porosity level.

Kriya (Cree-Yah) Botanicals is a botanically based organic and natural hair and spa care product line. Our products are botanically based containing organic and natural herbs, flowers, roots and barks that provide nutrients to the hair and scalp promoting hydration, moisture and healthy hair growth.

Our product line consist of quality shampoos bars, conditioners, moisturizers and styling products.Our products are Free from Chemicals such as SULFATES, PARABENS, MINERAL OIL, SILICONES, PETROLEUM, ETHANOLAMINES AND MANY MORE HARSH INGREDIENTS. For both natural and relaxed hair types.


Covid Update

There is still a shortage of containers affecting the cosmetics, health and beauty industry due to Covid. Since the manufacturers are out of stock, we’re out of stock. They’re looking to have more supply between August and December. However, we’re trying to find a way around this. We’ll keep you posted.