My daughter has sandy-colored 4C hair that is extremely dry, very coily and difficult to detangle. We have the shampoo, leave-in conditioner, fruit smoothie hair creme, twist and curl styling gelly, and the fruit oil. Twice a week, I use the LOC method on her hair using these products to maintain the moisture. It makes her hair so soft and much easier to comb through, which means less time and tears. I also love the smell (of course) and the fact that you don't need much, so it lasts a long time. And it also dissolves well, so you're not left with a residue. The Honey Berry Shampoo Bar smells divine, as do all of Kriya's products, and lathers, cleans, and moisturizes beautifully. The cute little boy on the packaging was a brilliant reminder that my son should use it too! We have the entire kids line and are 100% satisfied. The line rocks and I recommend it for all hair types.
Thank you again!
Forever a customer,
Trelani Duncan
Storyteller | Spiritual Writing Coach


  • Cala Williams said:

    I love you daughter and her hair. :-)

    August 08, 2019

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