I hope this message reaches you well. I ordered the low porosity hair system and an additional conditioner to try. I am so glad I found your Instagram. I am stunned with how moisturized, defined, soft, and voluminous my hair is. Usually products only give you one or two of those benefits. But to have ALL of them?! Wow. I was blown away by the clarifying shampoo bar, my scalp was so clean and my hair didn’t feel stripped. The Veggie and Herb DC performed wonderfully. I followed with the leave in - excellent slip! Then I ended up doing a twist and curl with the hair butter. I just literally love the fact that my hair looks so good and feels healthy at the same time. I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about your products and I can’t wait to buy more!

Let’s get into the fact that I had MINIMAL shedding!

Have a Great Week!


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