Wide Tooth Jumbo Wooden Bamboo Comb-Limited Edition

Our wooden bamboo jumbo comb easily distributes natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand. It gently detangles and lifts hair at roots to add volume, especially for those with low density hair. Anti-static and will not pull hair that preventing breakage. Great for those with thick or course hair.


  • Great for detangling larger sections
  • Lift roots to add volume to hair
  • Massages the scalp causing blood circulation 
  • Anti-Static properties assist with, smooth, healthy hair.
  • Durable and eco friendly
  • May use in conjunction with a detangle brush to remove further tangles.
  • Especially great for naturally curly, afro textured hair 


Comb Care: The combs are coated to help protect them. Keep comb dry after wet use. You may treat your comb with olive oil to condition the wood.



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