As you read in our previous post, the cuticles of medium porosity hair are normally healthy. The position in which the cuticles lie allows product to penetrate and keep hair moisturized. For the most part, with this level, the hair is shiny, smooth, soft. Liquids or products that penetrate the cuticle, water enters and stays, moisturizing your hair.

How to Maintain Your Medium Porosity Hair

Here are some ideas to caring more for your hair.

Keep your hair moisturized. Consider detangling your hair with your fingers as opposed to a wide tooth comb all the time. This does take practice, so be patient. Try doing a hot oil treatment every week or every once in a while. Stay away from your sulfates because they strip your hair's natural oils. Don't abuse your hair with heat..try to keep that to a minimum. Make sure to sleep with a satin scarf or pillow to prevent breakage during sleep. Also work in sections when washing, conditioning or detangling your hair to prevent breakage. This takes the headache away when doing your hair.


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