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Due to Covid, and the holidays, shipping may take 10-12 business days. Tracking will be sent via email once your order has processed.

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Give Your Hair a Boost

We use foods and herbs to give our products that extra boost of nourishment your hair needs. After all, you should nourish your hair the same way you nourish your body.

Curl Pudding

Theo product is great. It leaves my hair feeling light and bouncy. My curls are perfect spirals thanks to this product.

Shampoo Bar

I've never used a shampoo bar before but this right here is bomb! It cleans my scalp and hair really well and the lather is amazing. The smell is nice too.

Low Porosity

Its been more than 5 that I am using the low porosity products and my hair start to grow and be healthy even my hairdresser ask me about it 🥳🥳 keep it up.

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